Product Description

The Thermoglide Steam Mop is a thermal sanitising and steam mopping system that is ideal for cleaning all hard floors, walls and even ceilings. Attaching to JetVac and JetSteam steam machines the Thermoglide Steam Mop uses superheated dry steam and microfibre cloth pads to sweep, mop, degrease and sanitise all surfaces in a single pass.



  • Compared with a traditional wet mop, the Thermoglide Steam Mop leaves floors cleaner and dryer in shorter times with less effort with dry steam.
  • Thermoglide’s +120°C dry steam kills bacteria on contact, melts and emulsifies all dirt, mould, grease and scum and there is no recycling dirty mop bucket water.
  • The Thermoglide is also great on profiled surfaces like tiles and textured vinyls as little water residue is left behind in the crevices.
  • Clean walls, floors, ceilings in half the time of traditional mopping
  • Extremely light and easy to use  & easily attached to any of the Tecnovap steam machines.
  • Eliminate chemical costs and concerns-no chemicals needed.
  • Eliminate the clumsy mop and bucket.

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  • Tecnovap Thermoglide Steam Mop


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