Product Description

Tennant’s NEW V-WD-72 large capacity Wet and Dry Vacuum features 3 independent motors, advanced lightweight design, durable construction and tipping trolley with on-board tool holder. Suitable for use in dry, wet or even flooded conditions.

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  • Advanced mechanical design, compact and lightweight ensuring no loss in performance.
  • More durable; up to 800 working hours.
  • Quiet performance, engineered so that floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.
  • 3 independent motors for reliable performance.
  • Compact parking for easy storage
  • Reliable locking of flexible hose
  • Tipping trolley with on-board tool holder
  • Requires 15 AMP power socket for use
  • SANIFILTER – Certified Antibacterial TreatmentThe antibacterial treatment of the filters with silver ions (Ag+ ions) destroys bacteria’s membrane cell, fungus, viruses, micro-parasites and inhibits their proliferation.
  • Light and Tough – the AP Tube [Aluminium/Plastic Tube] is an innovative solution to simplify the daily cleaning activities.
Technical Information
Airflow 166 l/s – 549 m3/h
Vacuum motor 1300W * 3
Tank capacity 72L
Power Source Mains (8.5m cable)

  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet and Dry Vacuum


  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 6


  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 6


  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 3


  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 2


  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 4


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  • Tennant V-WD-72 Wet & Dry Vacuum 7


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