Tennant S10 Walk Behind Sweeper

Tennant Sweepers

Tennant’s industrial and commercial sweepers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor sweeping applications. Tennant provides a comprehensive line of walk behind sweepers to large area ride-on sweepers, both cord-electric and battery, to help you complete the toughest sweeping jobs with maximum efficiency.

Comac CS120B/120D Ride On Sweeper

Comac Sweepers

Comac produces a complete range of walk-behind professional sweeping machines for interventions on small surfaces and ride-on models for intervention on large areas. The experience built up over many years in this sector has allowed Comac to be recognised on the market with highly reliable products.


Karcher Sweepers

From push sweepers to industrial and city cleaners: Kärcher provides machines for state-of-the-art sweeping. Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large surfaces: The diverse variants of Kärcher floor sweepers and road sweepers allow them to meet every demand.

Haaga 697 Profi Walk Behind Sweeper

Haaga Sweepers

Haaga offer a broad range of walk behind sweepers with patented disc brush system that sets itself apart from the rest with its sweeping performance, ease of operation, high-quality workmanship, and outstanding value. The unique disc brush system of Haaga features two special counter-rotating disc brushes cut below the waste and push it directly into the waste container.