Sabco is an iconic Australian brand and name that was founded in 1892. Sabco pride themselves on being at the forefront of mops, brooms, and cleaning solutions for both home use and the commercial cleaning industry. We also stock a range of Americo Floor Pads for use on hard floors.


Sabco Dust Control Mops

These industrial strength dust control mops are ideal for commercial cleaning. Fully assembled acrylic fibre fringe on frame with sturdy but lightweight aluminium handle complete with hand grip and hanging hook.


Sabco Flat Mops

Sabco’s innovative professional flat mopping range offers ergonomic solutions to effectively and efficiently clean large surface areas. The flat base provides even pressure for superior floor contact and also makes them suitable for cleaning vertical surfaces such as walls, ceilings and stairs.


Sabco Commercial Mops

Sabco’s Commercial Mop range offers quality and durability guaranteed. We’ve got you covered — our comprehensive mop range is manufactured from the highest quality yarns and textiles. Features industry standard colour coding systems. Our range of four highest quality mop yarns and textiles include microfibre, textile blend, cotton and poly cotton.


Sabco Professional Bucket Range

Sabco has further improved the Professional Bucket Range, to add angled wings to minimise splashing and increase wringing power. An Australian designed bucket that is miles ahead of any other bucket on the market. Sabco buckets feature extra large non-slip pedals for ease and safety, colour coding to prevent cross contamination of infectious disease, and are lightweight, durable and chemical resistant.


Sabco Handles

Sabco’s range of handles include flex-tec, aluminium, metal and timber handles with universal thread and colour coded for professional use.