Product Description

The Compact Housekeeping Cart from Rubbermaid is an ergonomic and lightweight housekeeping solution giving you versatility, lighter weight and increased capacity in a smaller footprint. Its compact size provides effortless operation in limited spaces.



  • One heavy duty compact fabric bag with water proof PVC lining
  • Locking Cabinet doors on both sides of cart for added security
  • Handles and platform fold for easier storage
  • High capacity to footprint – only 55.69 cm wide
  • Multiple accessories are available to customise the cart

  • Rubbermaid-Compact-Cleaning-Cart-4

  • Rubbermaid-Compact-Cleaning-Cart-5

  • Rubbermaid-Compact-Cleaning-Cart-6

  • rubbermaid-7600-compact-housekeeping-cart-3

  • rubbermaid-7600-compact-housekeeping-cart-2

  • rubbermaid-7600-compact-housekeeping-cart-1


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