Product Description

Numatic’s TGB8572 Floor Scrubber is designed with large areas in mind. With its large 85L water capacity, wide 72cm cleaning width and an amazing 5 hours of run time on one battery charge, you will be able to achieve a clean floor in no time at all and with less time spent on emptying and refills!



  • The dual brush design allows for increased pressure from the brushes to the floor, perfect for areas that see heavy traffic and require a deep clean.
  • Featuring simple controls brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities, with traction power drive which will be essential if inclines or ramps are involved.
  • On-board Charging – Convenient and easy, just plug and go.
  • Gel Batteries – Up to 5hr runtime, 8-10hr charge time.
  • Flexifill System – Easy filling and emptying with flexifill system.
  • Battery and Hour Meter – Simple clear hour/battery indicator.
  • Traction Drive System – Makes the cleaning of inclines safer and easier.
Technical Information
Brush Motor 600 Watt
Vac Motor 400 Watt
Power Gel Battery 24V (4 x 12V) 200Ah
Brush Speed 150 rpm
Run Time 5 hours
Capacity 85 L
Pad/Brush Width 37cm

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