Product Description

Numatic’s TGB4055-100 is one size up from the TGB4045-100, containing all the advanced TwinTec 24V features but with a 20% increased cleaning path. Features include a Structofoam tilting brush deck, polyform tanks, fully sealed gel batteries, built in battery charger, heavy duty TwinFlo wet pick-up vacuum system and heavy duty geared brush drive.



  • Powerful Cleaning Results
    Powerful wet pick-up with heavy-duty Polyform tanks and TwinFlo vacuum motor.
  • Clean Dry & Safe Floors in Minutes
    Consistent, quick and high-quality cleaning results, wherever they’re needed.
  • Cordless Freedom, Flexibility & Safety
    Total freedom, flexibility and safety of cable-free operation.
  • User Friendly Controls
    Incorporating user friendly controls, including simple vacuum and water switch.
  • Support and your Fingertips, Straight from your Mobile
    Access a wide range of help and support through the Nu-Assist App.
Technical Information
Brush Motor 300 Watt
Vac Motor 400 Watt
Power 2x12V  Battery
Brush Speed 100 rpm
Run Time 2.25 hours
Capacity 40 L
Pad/Brush Width 45/55 cm
Finance from $65 per week (ex GST)

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