Product Description

DTK3TC mop kit features a 40cm telescopic handle with Comfort Grip for ease of use and microfibre mop head. Suitable for use with hang on mops only.

Talk to us about the best mop to suit your cleaning needs and the areas to be cleaned:

  • SprayMops for spot cleaning
  • Sponge mops for smaller areas with the big advantage of being fully self-contained and self-cleaning
  • Kentucky mops for floor washing plenty of water down and plenty up again
  • Flat mops for high efficiency fast floor cleaning, covering large areas in double quick time.


  • numatic-dtk3-1

  • numatic_dtk3_2

  • numatic-dtk3-3

  • Numatic DTK3TC Mopping System


For more information or to book a demonstration of the Numatic DTK3TC Mopping System 

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