Makita Battery Powered Vacuums

Makita is leading the way in cordless Commercial Cleaning, Power Garden and Building & Construction solutions. Their market leading brushless motors provide longer run time and 18Vx2 technology provides more power. Boasting the world’s largest range of tools on one 18V lithium-ion battery, Makita has the cordless tool solution you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Paired with market leading rapid charge technology, Makita batteries are ready to work when you are. Whether you are looking for a backpack, wet and dry or stick vacuum we can help you find the right Makita product for all your cleaning needs.


Makita Blowers

Clean-ups just got easier with Makita® LXT® Cordless Blowers. Move more air with lower noise and none of the emissions of gas-powered blowers. For larger clean-ups, Makita® 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Blowers are powered by two 18V batteries for maximum cordless performance and reaches a speed of 234kmph. You also benefit from the industry-leading LXT® System, so you can use the same 18V batteries with over 275+ cordless products. Makita’s cordless blowers offer serious performance in a balanced and lightweight package, while the petrol backpack blowers will run all day and make it a breeze to tidy up large areas in the great outdoors.


Makita Pressure Washers

Makita’s Cordless High Pressure Water Cleaners are easy to use, lightweight with extreme power suitable for a range of applications. It is perfect for blasting grime and dirt off hard surfaces.