Product Description

Wine barrels can be cleaned and sterilised with Bacchus Steam cleaner without using any chemicals, saving you on waste water treatment, time and money. Ideal for medium to large wineries, where the Bacchus Steam System cleans up to 150 barrels per day.



  • The elevated temperature of the steam allows for a much faster cleaning process of the barrels, melting the tartrates in a fraction of the time than it takes with hot water, all while resulting in massive savings in water consumption.
  • The vapor property of dry steam allows for the pores of the wood to be opened, releasing not only tartrates but also old wine and bitter tannins that have been absorbed inside the wood. The whole process revitalizes the wood barrels while being safe on the char of the oak.
  • The advantages of the Bacchus Cleaning System for barrel cleaning include:
    • Disinfection
    • Removal of Bretanomyces from the wood fibers.
    • Complete releasing of scale from the barrel’s walls.
    • Detartrating and disinfection of the barrel with only one operation.
Technical Information
Pressure 6 Bar
Water Storage 20L
Steam temperature 165C
Power Supply 400 W – 50/60 Hz
Weight 63kg

  • Tecnovap Wine Barrel Steam Cleaner


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