Product Description

Combining the power of + 180C super heated 94% dry steam and 50-100C hot water blasting at up to 150 bar pressure; the STEAM PRESSURE can clean and degrease hard surfaces in seconds. NO SCRUBBING AND NO CHEMICALS.



  • The Steam Pressure is extremely versatile, being used for many cleaning applications including; facility cleaning, production cleaning equipment, disinfection, cleaning small components and tubes, cleaning and disinfecting bottling lines, and many many more. Ideal for indoor use as it is electrical powered.
  • The Steam Pressure is the most powerful portable dry vapor steam cleaner on the market.
  • You can transport the machine easily as the Steambox comes up with the wheels.
  • The Steam Pressure also features continuous fill allowing for connection to a water hose so you can use the machine 24/7 with continuous steam and continuous pressure and never face downtime.
Technical Information
Pressure 30-150 Bar
Water Storage 50L
Detergent Tank 20L
Steam temperature 180C
Weight 114kg

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  • Tecnovap Duplex Steam Pressure Cleaner


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