Karcher T 7/1 Classic Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Barrel Vacuums

Our range of quality, robust, reliable, industrial vacuum cleaners has been designed to cater for all cleaning applications. Choose from the best brands including Numatic, Karcher, Sebo and Tennant.

Tennant 3070 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

Back Pack Vacuums

Our range includes lightweight, powerful backpack vacuum cleaners that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and versatility for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Choose from battery or mains powered models.

Sebo Professional G2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuums

Our range of upright commercial vacuum cleaners combine high suction power and powerful spinning brushes offering great performance on carpeted floors. Brands include Sebo, Karcher and Tennant.

Numatic WV470 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet & Dry Vacuums

Our powerful and efficient wet and dry commerical vacuum cleaners cope with every kind of dirt, whether dry, damp, or wet, specially designed for removing solids, liquids or powders in a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial environments. See our comprehensive range of Karcher, Tennant and Numatic’s wet and dry vacuum cleaners.


Battery Vacuums

Battery-powered commercial vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution for fast, cord-free indoor cleaning in commercial environments. Cordless vacuum cleaners allow cleaning in the most difficult places including stairways, congested areas, busy pedestrian zones, cleaning aircraft, buses and cinemas.

Numatic HZQ570 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Speciality Industrial Vacuums

We stock highly specialised models for one-of-a-kind jobs including fine dust and hazardous dust removal such as cement, plaster, welding and sawdust. These models are designed to meet stringent requirements of industries where it is necessary to vacuum dust that could constitute a health hazard.