Product Description

CS700/800 B-H are ride-on sweeping machines with automatic traction, powered by battery or petrol motor, with a 70 or 80 cm working width (central brush). Comac CS700/800 sweeping machines are suitable for cleaning commercial surfaces up to 10,000 sq.m. With its two side brushes, the biggest model of the range covers a working width of 112 cm.



  • Their debris hopper is available either with manual emptying (CS700 B-H) or with automatic lifting and dumping (CS800 B-H).
  • The versions with internal combustion engine (CS700/800 H) are equipped with a complete hydraulic system and have no electronic cards. This means increased reliability when working in particularly dirty conditions.
  • Large size filter: Up to 6 sq.m. on the CS800. The CS700/800 sweeping machines are available with panel or fabric pocket filter. The pocket filter allows excellent filtering results even in environments where the presence of fine dust is very high. It is extremely easy to replace the filtering system if you want to adapt the machine to different work environments.
  • In the battery version, the various functions (such as brushes or traction) are activated by specific motors. Energy consumption is based on the actual use of each function, while always guaranteeing optimum efficiency and yield. In this way, the degree of autonomy can reach 4 hours: in other words, 20,000 sq.m. emission-free cleaning.
Technical Information
Working Width 85-95 cm (with side brush)
Hopper Capacity 90/105L
Power Source 24V Battery or Petrol
Coverage Rate 6300 to 6800 m²/hour
Weight (kg) 238-381 (without batteries)

  • Comac CS700B/700H/800B/800H Ride On Sweeper


  • Comac-CS700

  • Comac-CS700-9

  • Comac-CS700-2

Lease from $133 per week (ex GST)


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