Product Description

The New CS60 is a whole different sweeper, with more than 7 hours non-stop! The new and surprising CS60 is now part of Comac range of sweepers, marking a new way of conceiving a sweeping machine. It is available in battery and hybrid versions, offering outstanding advantages and suitable for the cleaning of both indoor and outdoor spaces and guarantee excellent results even on carpet floors.



  • CS60 are ride on sweeping machines designed to meet different cleaning needs with great productivity. They have a working width of 60 cm with the only central brush and 100 cm with both side brushes (optional).
  • The new design increases machine comfort and manoeuvrability in use, allowing to work easily in medium size and cluttered areas. While seated the operator can feel a full control over the machine, thanks to the complete visibility of the working and manoeuvring area and thanks to the innovative steering wheel with integrated controls, that makes the activation of machine functions more intuitive, without distractions.
  • They are available with panel filter, for standard operations, or with cloth filter to achieve excellent filtering results also in environments with high presence of very fine dust.
  • The Hybrid system combines a gasoline motor with low resistance batteries allowing to work for 7.5 hours non-stop with only 3.5 gasoline litres!
  • While CS60 is powered by the gasoline motor, batteries are recharged: in this way, just turning the key, you can switch from gasoline to battery supply to work in a silent, economic, and ecologic way.
  • Even safety is increased, thanks to new equipment such as the emergency stop button, safety brake and LED headlights.
Technical Information
Working Width 100 cm (with side brush)
Hopper Capacity 65L
Power Source 12V Battery or Petrol
Coverage rate 4500 m²/hour
Weight (kg) 248-249 (without batteries)

  • Comac CS60B/Hybrid Ride On Sweeper


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Lease from $106 per week (ex GST)

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