Product Description

Numatic’s TTV678G ride on floor scrubber is a comfortable, driver friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go. The “three in one” (3 in 1) design has proved itself to be almost the perfect balance between sound common sense engineering and innovative and truly functional technology. Here is one machine which can be set to 3 different working widths: 650, 750 and 850 and all at the flick of a simple selection lever.



  • The Numatic TTV678G scrubber is a self-propelled, self-propelled scrubber, front / back, with maintenance-free 24V gel batteries (large capacity and long battery life).
  • The unique arrangement of 3 independent scrubbing heads which, by virtue of a simple adjustment mechanism, can provide a choice of scrubbing widths which, with the addition of a selection of brushes and pads, can provide customised performance on almost any surface application.
  • It has the VARIO system: by a simple lever, the TTV678G offers 3 working widths (650,750,850mm) to adapt to the needs of users. Brush change is easy and maintenance is simplified.
  • Its control panel is complete and intuitive: cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow, chemical mixtures, etc.).
  • This scrubber is made with particularly robust materials that are easy to maintain. Safety is enhanced by the presence of an emergency stop button, a removable ignition key, a warning horn and a beacon.
Technical Information
Brush Motor 400 Watt
Vac Motor 500 Watt
Power 6 or 8 x 12V Battery
Brush Speed 50/200 rpm
Run Time 3.5 to 4.5 hours
Capacity 120 L
Pad/Brush Width 65/75/85 cm

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Lease from $174 per week (ex GST)

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